The Bristlecone Interview

(This piece is a work of nonfiction and contains graphic content which is not appropriate for children.)

Produced and Scored by Daniel Leone
With thanks to Dr. David Lisak and Steve LePore
Featuring samples of the unfinished track, “Sly’s Work”, composed by Daniel Leone and Tom MacLean.

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(This episode was edited independently of 1in6.org and The Bristlecone Project, then released with their permission. The views expressed within do not necessarily reflect the views of 1in6.org or The Bristlecone Project.)   

S01 Prologue to episode 04 - Her Great Gamble

Returning to the podcast after two months of working on the presidential election, Dan scribbles in his journal and encounters a young woman who is in the process of making a very risky decision. 

(This episode is 50% fictional.)

Written and Scored by Daniel Leone
"Welcome to Podcast Meander" by Deann Baker

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