S01 Episode 04 - American Sirens

Dan’s guardian angel attempts to guide him through a sudden, confounding spell of memory loss.

** To experience the full effect of this episode, headphones are highly recommended.**



Dr. Lasana Harris is a Senior Lecturer in Experimental Psychology at the University College London. He researches, among other things, a phenomenon known as dehumanization—which is the human tendency to completely ignore the minds of other people. For more information about his work, visit:

Delia Tatiana is a versatile Montreal-based actor who has worked in film, television, and theatre. To learn more about her past and future projects, Click Here.


Delia Tatiana as “Gabriella”
Gratitude to Dr. Lasana Harris for his interview.
Drum and percussion samples provided courtesy of Tom Machine; you can find his music at https://soundcloud.com/tom-machine
Additional city sound effects from cutestockfootage.com  
This episode contains a brief motif from Dmytro Bortnyansky's Sacred Concertos
Special Thanks to Nicole Panteleakos and Sanj
Produced and Scored by Daniel Leone

(This episode is 75% fictional.) 

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S01 Prologue to episode 04 - Her Great Gamble

Returning to the podcast after two months of working on the presidential election, Dan scribbles in his journal and encounters a young woman who is in the process of making a very risky decision. 

(This episode is 50% fictional.)

Written and Scored by Daniel Leone
"Welcome to Podcast Meander" by Deann Baker

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