S01 Episode 04 - American Sirens

Dan’s guardian angel attempts to guide him through a sudden, confounding spell of memory loss.

** To experience the full effect of this episode, headphones are highly recommended.**



Dr. Lasana Harris is a Senior Lecturer in Experimental Psychology at the University College London. He researches, among other things, a phenomenon known as dehumanization—which is the human tendency to completely ignore the minds of other people. For more information about his work, visit:


Gratitude to Dr. Lasana Harris for his interview.
Drum and percussion samples provided courtesy of Tom Machine; you can find his music at https://soundcloud.com/tom-machine
Additional city sound effects from cutestockfootage.com  
This episode contains a brief motif from Dmytro Bortnyansky's Sacred Concertos
Special Thanks to Nicole Panteleakos and Sanj
Produced and Scored by Daniel Leone

(This episode is 75% fictional.) 

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S01 Prologue to episode 04 - Her Great Gamble

Returning to the podcast after two months of working on the presidential election, Dan scribbles in his journal and encounters a young woman who is in the process of making a very risky decision. 

(This episode is 50% fictional.)

Written and Scored by Daniel Leone
"Welcome to Podcast Meander" by Deann Baker

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