S01 Episode 01 - 
Work is Not Noble

Dan sets his life on fire and flees his home-state of Connecticut.  


S01 Episode 03 - 
The Idahoan

Dan falls in love with the state of Idaho.  


S01 Episode 04 - 
American Sirens

Dan's guardian angel attempts to make contact with him. 

S01 Episode 02 - 
In His Usual Insulated Form

Dan attempts to overcome a phobia; it doesn't go well.


(Digression) - 
Donald Trump Opens Up?

A  phone call from a man who may or may not be Donald Trump.


S01 Finale -
The Linchpin 

"Eventually, those things are going to catch up with me." 

(Digression) - 
Freeze, Fly, or Fight

An experimental musical piece based on a panic attack.


S01 Prologue to Episode 04 -
Her Great Gamble

A young woman in a cafe makes a very risky decision. 


S01 Epilogue - 
Two Arrows

Dan speeds down the highway in a drunken rage. 


PM The Bristlecone Interview Final.jpg

The Bristlecone

"Knowing and not knowing." 


Series Finale - 
Neither is the Underground

Options are weighed. 

the sunisayg.jpg

(Video) -
A Request & Credits

Dan has a request.