S01 Finale - The Linchpin

After a series of critical setbacks, Dan decides to suspend as many fictional sequences as he can and tell the truth of his first year on the road. It's a confessional involving madness, car problems, anti-authoritarianism, red wine, Vicodin, dental surgeries, a clinical drug trial for an experimental pharmacutical,  and the discovery of what he's truly been running away from.  

**The online clinical trial resource mentioned in this episode can be found at www.jalr.org 

This link is being provided for educational purposes only and should not be considered an endorsement; the show's producer is neither encouraging nor discouraging anyone from participating in clinical trials.**


Produced and Scored by Daniel Leone
Featuring the poem, "Cellar Stairs"  by Hill Holland Sadler
Gratitude to Paul Clough for his interview
With thanks and apologies to Nicole Elizabeth

(This episode is 5% fictional)  

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