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Dan joins Amanda of Wine & Crime, Hannah of Film Roast, and Jason of The Binge Movie Podcast on Josh Hallmark's PLAYLIST to share the songs that changed the way he listens to music. 


The Braintrust Bros. Podcast

Dan gets  interviewed about his childhood, working in politics, trauma, and the making of Podcast Meander.  


Discover Pods

Podcast Meander was voted one of the Best Podcasts of 2017 by Discover Pods' readers. 


Audible Feast

"The Bristlecone Interview" was named one of the Best Podcast Episodes of 2017. Quote: "It's so different, and although hard to explain, I am always wanting more." 


Audible Feast

Podcast Meander was named one of the Best Podcasts of 2017 by Audible Feast. Quote: "There are some gorgeous, innovative moments in this show..." 



Dan joins Myk O'Connor (Can I Get A Ride?) and Steven Pappas (Is This Adulting?) on Josh Hallmark's PLAYLIST to share his favorite musical collaborations. 


Wondery's Radio Drama Revival

" American Sirens" was featured on Wondery Media's Radio Drama Revival. Quote host David Rheinstrom: "This podcast is audacious, startling, and intimate. I haven't heard anything quite like this in some time."